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About the ws input on pop

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About the ws input on pop

Hi, there

   I'd like to input some wind stress (ws) forcing to drive the ocean. I got the output of daily wind-stress from atmosphere, CCSM3.

These ws files are in atmospheric grid thus may not directly put into pop.
Shall I interpolate into the pop grid? 
Or can I output ws information directly from the coupler?
Also, several other confusions
1) The input wind-stress should in array as (TLONG, TLAT,2) in which the last dimension 1 is for TAUX and 2 for TAUY?
2) From the pop documents, it need a series of ws files for n-hours (say 24-hours). In pop_in namelist, how to set the ws_data_name, shall I just input the first ws data file's name?
3) From the pop documents, it suggests to input the ws forcing files in the middle of period, i.e., day-12h.
But my current daily output seems the beginning of the day, right? (day-00h). How to bridge and does that matter?
Thanks a lot!

Wei Liu

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