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Abrupt4xCO2 runs

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Abrupt4xCO2 runs

I have plotted the annual global mean surface air temperatures from realization r1i1p1 and r2i1p1 from the abrupt 4xCO2 runs. They are very different. See the attached figure.

or this link:


The x-axis is the # of years since the beginning of the file. You will notice that r2i1p1 saturates much more rapidly than does r1i1p1. What is the difference between these two realizations?





'r1i1p1' is the usual abrupt 4XCO2 case; 'r2i1p1' was run to have the special COSP output for the CFMIP.


However, looking at 'co2vmr' from both runs, 'r1i1p1' has 1138.8 ppm (4 X 284.7 ppm); 'r2i1p1' has 1420 ppm (4 X 355 ppm). I don't why 'r2i1p1' was run with 4x "present-day" CO2.


The above does explain why r2i1p1 "saturates" more rapidly, however.


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