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Activate Carbon Cycle Feedback

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Activate Carbon Cycle Feedback

Hi everyone 

I have a question regarding the Carbon Cycle using CESM1.2.2. My goal is to investigate the impact of a changed surface dataset on the fututure climate (RCP8.5): Temperature, Precipitation, Atmospheric CO2, etc. Therefore, I thought of running a B_RCP8.5_CAM5_CN experiment on an f09_g16 grid. 

1) I want to see the effect of the surface dataset in the atmospheric CO2 concentration. Is it enough to set the CLM_CO2_TYPE to prognostic to enable this? Or do I have to have another Component Set with a BGC model (which would take away the advantage of the provided 2005 initial datasets for B_RCP8.5_CAM5_CN)? 

2) As far as I understand, the fossil fuel emissions are provided by the Lower Boundary Conditions, which prescribe CO2 concentrations in the lowest atmospheric layer. Are these meant to be emissions from the surface or are they prescribed CO2 concentrations? In other words, the RCP scenarios use only surface emissions but not prescribed CO2 concentrations? 

Briefly, I am struggling with the kind of configurations I have to change to see the full Carbon Cycle Feedback to the atmosphere from my changed surface dataset. 


I hope someone can shed some light on this issue for me. Thanks very much in advance! 


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