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Added a new variable to the restart file - unreasonable values

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Added a new variable to the restart file - unreasonable values

Dear all,


I am using CLM4 and need to add two new variables to the restart file. For unrelated reasons I need to stick to CLM4 and cannot use CLM4.5.

The situation is as follows: I start a  new hybrid model run using a restart file from a previous run as initial conditions. This  restart file doesn't have the variables I am trying to add to the restart file from the new run. After the model runs for one year, I receive the history files and restart file. The history files do have the values for the new variables and they seem reasonable. This is expected though, since writing a variable to a history file is controlled by a different code and is independent from writing into a restart file. 

However, the restart file while having the names of these two variables of interest in them, has stored only zeros and missing values to these variables (I would assume zeros are for land surface and  missing values over the oceans). I was wondering what might cause this issue? I have added these two variables to the restart file by making changes to the BiogeophysRestMod.F90. There are no typos in any varnames and pointers in this file.

I have also checked clmtype.F90, clmtypeInitMod.F90, CanopyFluxesMod.F90 (that's where the values for the new variables are actually calculated) and histFldsMod.F90 (just in case). Everything looks okay there. Since I changed BiogeophysRestMod.F90 which is a source code, I checked if the changes are transferred correctly to the SourceMods in the case directory, and they are.

Since the values of the new variables are written without any problems into history files and their spatial and temporal distribution seems valid, there should be a problem with writing into a restart file specifically. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to resolve this issue. Thank you so much in advance!


Best wishes,


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