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adding new chemical reaction to Chemistry Preprocessor input file

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adding new chemical reaction to Chemistry Preprocessor input file


so i need to add new chemical reaction to my Chemistry Preprocessor file. but i have a few reaction like( OH + OCS → products &  NO3 + OCS → products & Cl + OCS → products & ClO + OCS →products ), 


i'm not sure how to specify "products" for the model?  your help is greatly appreciated





Please post your questions about WACCM in one of the WACCM forums so that I will see them:

For all of your chemical reactions, you should try to provide products that are balanced with the reactants so that you are conserving elements such as chlorine. If you are not concerned about the products of sulfur oxidation, such as SO2 and SO, you could leave them out. But you probably should be careful to conserve chlorine so that ozone is calculated accurately. For example, if you don't care about sulfur, you could put:


CLO + OCS -> CL 

OH + OCS -> CO + H

In fact, the products of the last reaction are SO2 + CO + H.

Mike Mills
WACCM Liaison
Atmospheric Chemistry Division
NCAR Foothills Lab
Boulder, Colorado USA

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