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adjusting the siderial day in CCSM4

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adjusting the siderial day in CCSM4

I am trying to check whether some simulations I ran at non-Earth like rotation periods are correct. I'm running CCSM4. One thing I realized is that when I adjusted the siderial day (SHR_CONST_SDAY), I merely applied a 'multiplication sign and then the rotation period (see below, in this case for a 540-day rotation period), rather than putting the full number, or including an '_R8' appended after it. Could this have prevented my simulations from running at a 540-day rotation period? Also, can anyone recommend some way to check to make sure that this simulation actually has the right rotation period, without running it all the way until thermal equilibrium is reached? I'd like to test before using up a ton of core hours. Thanks.

   real(R8),parameter :: SHR_CONST_PI      = 3.14159265358979323846_R8  ! pi
   real(R8),parameter :: SHR_CONST_CDAY    = 86400.0_R8      ! sec in calendar day ~ sec
   real(R8),parameter :: SHR_CONST_SDAY    = 86164.0_R8*540  ! sec in siderial day ~ sec
   real(R8),parameter :: SHR_CONST_OMEGA   = 2.0_R8*SHR_CONST_PI/SHR_CONST_SDAY ! earth rot ~ rad/sec
   real(R8),parameter :: SHR_CONST_REARTH  = 6.37122e6_R8    ! radius of earth ~ m
   real(R8),parameter :: SHR_CONST_G       = 9.80616_R8      ! acceleration of gravity ~ m/s^2

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