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Basic B_1850 Compilation

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Basic B_1850 Compilation

I'm trying to do a basic simulation with the B_1850 compset at T42 resolution. I believe everything went correctly up until I tried to run cesm_setup. My project directory had all of the appropriate .xml files and executables. Please look at the error message below and point me in the direction to solve this issue. 




[sstrey2@ cntl-test-sara]$ ./cesm_setup 

Macros script already created ...skipping

 Machine/Decomp/Pes configuration has already been done ...skipping

 Running preview_namelist script 

CAM writing dry deposition namelist to drv_flds_in 

CAM writing namelist to atm_in 

CLM configure done.

CLM adding use_case 1850_control defaults for var sim_year with val 1850 

CLM adding use_case 1850_control defaults for var sim_year_range with val constant 

CLM adding use_case 1850_control defaults for var use_case_desc with val Conditions to simulate 1850 land-use 

CICE configure done.

build-namelist - ERROR: No default value found for grid_file

user defined attributes:

Died at /net/san-a1-ib/data/keeling/a/sstrey2/cesm1_1_1/models/ice/cice/bld/build-namelist line 708.

ERROR: cice.buildnml.csh failed

ERROR: /net/san-a1-ib/data/keeling/a/sstrey2/cesm1_1_1/cntl-test-sara/preview_namelists failed: 25344

[sstrey2@ cntl-test-sara]$ 


I have a feeling that T42 is not a supported resolution in the version of the model that you are trying to run. Hence you get:

"build-namelist - ERROR: No default value found for grid_file"

Try one of the supported resolutions, such as f09 or f19 (you'll need to find the correct abreviation for them). I hope this will get you past that error.

Sam Levis

Terrestrial Sciences Section CGD/NESL/NCAR


Thanks! I'm still working through some system-related bugs but your advice was helpful.



Hi Sara,


I have exactly same errors on T42 resolution with compset E. Have you solved this issue keeping T42?






T42 is not a supported resolution. It won't work out of the box

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