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BC and SO2 emissions for MAM7

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BC and SO2 emissions for MAM7

Hi everyone

I have a doubt about the emissions files for BC and SO2 required for run CAM5 with MAM7. According the files in trop_mozart_aero there are two file for surf and elev emissions, and each one have emissions from different sectors (agricultural, domestic, transportation, etc). I would like to know if I need create I file with the same "kind" of emissions or it is possible have a file just with "anthropogenic" and "biomass burning" emissions??? This could work or the model need these differentiation for put them in differents modes (accumulation or Aitken).
I really apreciatte any help.





MAM7 is unsupported. The best person to answer your question would be Xiaohong Liu. 


Hi Hannay. Ok thank you very much for your answer.


The model does not need those type of emissions to run.

Cheers, Simone


Hi Simone

Thank you very much for your answer. I also was thinking the same.


Hi again.

Regarding to the file emissions, according to default configuration in MAM7 for SO2, BC and OC there are two type of files, one for surf and one for elev emissions.

What happen if I create a surface emissions file with anthropogenic and biomass burnning emissions, but then the model add the elev  emissions file which also have SO2 for forest fire and grassfire, it seems to me that I am taken in to account two time the biomass burning emissions? it would be better just keep it in the surface or elevation file?


Thank you

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