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Branch run error

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Branch run error

Dear All,


I was running CESM version 1.5.5 on NERSC Cori, and I wanted to add couple more output variables to CAM.   So I created a branch run from a restart point.  I got through the model setup, and model build with no problem, but got an error after submit the run, saying that the "model did not complete".  The log file is attached below.


Here is some more info on creating the branch run - in the env_run.xml file, I only changed the "RUN_REFCASE", "RUN_REFDATE", "RUN_TYPE" to the name of the original case, restart time, "branch", and kept other setting the same as its original run.  The env_run.xml file is also attach below for reference.

I also copied the restart files and rpointers to the run directory.  After adding the desired new output variables to users_nl_cam, I kept all the other settings the same for this branch run as its original run. 

So far, I haven't got any luck figuring out why I got the error, and the log file is not so informative either.  I'm hoping anyone could provide some insights into this, and please let me know if any other file is needed for debugging.  

Thank you!




It seems that that run is not starting at all. 
Were you able to run a configuration that was not a "branch".


Hi Hannay,


Thank you for your reply!  Yes, I was able to run the startup run.  I still don't know why the branch run didn't work, and for now, I'm running the hybrid run, which runs with no problem.  So still not sure what was the problem.




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