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bug in COSP simulator

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bug in COSP simulator

Affected Releases:
(Bugzilla 2054)

Po-lun Ma reported a bug in COSP simulator.

I think there might be a bug in COSP. I am looking at CESM1.2.1: cesm1_2_1/models/atm/cam/src/physics/cam/cospsimulator_intr.F90

Line 1969-1984 reads in liquid and ice mixing ratios for COSP calculation, but line 1974 seems to use convective liquid mixing ratio as ice.

do k=1,pver
do i=1,ncol
if (cld(i,k) .gt. 0._r8) then
!! note: convective mixing ratio is the sum of shallow and deep convective clouds in CAM5
mr_ccliq(i,k) = sh_cldliq(i,k) + dp_cldliq(i,k)
mr_ccice(i,k) = sh_cldliq(i,k) + dp_cldliq(i,k)
mr_lsliq(i,k)=state%q(i,k,ixcldliq) ! mr_lsliq, mixing_ratio_large_scale_cloud_liquid, state only includes stratiform (kg/kg)
mr_lsice(i,k)=state%q(i,k,ixcldice) ! mr_lsice - mixing_ratio_large_scale_cloud_ice, state only includes stratiform (kg/kg)
mr_ccliq(i,k) = 0._r8
mr_ccice(i,k) = 0._r8
mr_lsliq(i,k) = 0._r8
mr_lsice(i,k) = 0._r8
end if
end do
end do


Bugzilla 2054:

This has been fixed on the development trunk, but users of CESM 1.0.6 and CESM 1.2.2 will need to apply the fix listed above.

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