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building the clm5 on the compiler intel

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building the clm5 on the compiler intel

hi everyone 

have you met the error when you build the clm5:

/public/xzh/wanglh/clm5.0/cime/scripts/test4/SourceMods/src.clm/PhotosynthesisMod.F90(4333): error #6780: A dummy argument with the INTENT(IN) attribute shall not be defined nor become undefined.   [QFLX_TRAN_VEG]

       qflx_tran_veg(p) = soilflux


compilation aborted for /public/xzh/wanglh/clm5.0/cime/scripts/test4/SourceMods/src.clm/PhotosynthesisMod.F90 (code 1)

gmake: *** [PhotosynthesisMod.o] Error 1


and then I have modified  the row4158 where 'type(waterflux_type)   , intent(in)  :: waterflux_inst'  to 'type(waterflux_type)   , intent(inout)  :: waterflux_inst'


but the build process is stuck in lnd. and the lnd.bldlog.180523-145327 is empty

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