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Bulid the QFLX in NCEP forecast meteorological fields

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Bulid the QFLX in NCEP forecast meteorological fields



I want to run the model offiline driven by NCEP forecast meteorological fields. And I try to create input meteorological fields of NCEP by repalcing the values of each component in MERRA reanalysis with the ones in NCEP.

I could find all other corresponding components in NCEP forecast meteorological fields, except for QFLX. I noticed that someone has asked similar questions (, and the solution is that the QFLX variable is taken from the reanalysis variable called "EVAP". However, there is no "EVAP" variable in NCEP forecast meteorological fields, only the variable named "PEVPR_P0_L1_GLL0associated with potential evaporation rate. I wonder how to bulid the QFLX in NCEP forecast meteorological fields? 

Finally, the description of  NCEP forecast meteorological fields can be found through



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hello !

I have the same problem as you. Have you found any solution ?


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