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CAM history file from previous year missing from run directory

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CAM history file from previous year missing from run directory

Hi, I hope this hasn't been solved elsewhere but I'm running into the problem the poster below had and just thought I'd repost in case it was at the bottom of the pile.

My CAM/CLM runs (in CESM2.0) run once but fail to start after resubmission because the last history file from the previous year is removed from the run directory. e.g. if my resubmission is to start from year 20, the .h0. file of month 12 of year 19 is required in the run directory, but this has been removed (assumedly during short term archiving). This cam history file is also not stored in the restart directory in DOUT_S. This is different to my CESM 1.0.x simulations where this history file is kept in the run directory and archived to my restart directory.

The specific error is (when by job is resubmitted to start at year 5);

 (GETFIL): attempting to find local file

 (GETFIL): all tries to get file have been unsuccessful:



It's the same as this user posted: Has anyone encountered and solved this? I've made very minimal changes to my case setup. The first job runs fine and if I manually copy the history file to the run directory then the job resubmits fine too. Thanks for your time.

Pretty sure I've solved this. Access to ncdump is required and while I was loading netcdf libraries in my CESM jobs I was not loading the binaries for ncdump, thus there were problems with archiving.

So, make sure you load netcdf for each job. On CESM2 this is done in cime/config/cesm/machines/config_machines.xml.

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