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Case failing in running after chaning the location of machine (Changing IP)

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Case failing in running after chaning the location of machine (Changing IP)
Dear CESM community members, We are using CLM 4.0 (CESM 1.0.3) We recently moved our cluster to a new location and changed the IP. But after moving to new place the model "run" command is not running perfectly. Before run command, model successfully builds but showing problem in submitting and run commands. It is not even completing, so that we got the log files. So the problem is, we can't get the log files to see whats wrong with the model and code. If anyone have faced this issue before, and have an idea how to make it in working condition, please do reply. Thank you so much in advance and I look forward for any suggestion from members. Thanks Umair



Have you confirmed that mpi is otherwise working on your machine?  A hello world style mpi program could reveal the problem.  I can't think of anything specific to cesm that would cause this.   

CESM Software Engineer

Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I think you may be right. Because I have tried to run the MPI hello world like program, and it did not run perfectly. I am also attaching the screeshots of the demo program, plus the commands I used. My background is not software enginnering, so lacking these skills. Please do guide me get out of this issue. I also attached the screenshot of the MPI version installed in my machine. Thanks


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