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CESM 1.1.2 build issue on Cheyenne

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CESM 1.1.2 build issue on Cheyenne


I've been having issues with building CESM1.1.2. After following the suggestions on the post about CESM1.2.2.1, I changed the env_mach_specific and updated the pio library ( However, my pio library doesn't seem to generate the Configure file...


/bin/sh: line 1: /gpfs/u/home/sallyz/cesm/cesm1_1_2_LENS_n19/models/utils/pio/configure: No such file or directory

/glade/u/home/sallyz/cesm/exp/b.e11.B20TRLENS.f09_g16.SOCN.pacemaker.ens11/Tools/Makefile:339: recipe for target '/glade/scratch/sallyz/b.e11.B20TRLENS.f09_g16.SOCN.pacemaker.ens11/bld/pio/Makefile.conf' failed

gmake: *** [/glade/scratch/sallyz/b.e11.B20TRLENS.f09_g16.SOCN.pacemaker.ens11/bld/pio/Makefile.conf] Error 127

cp: cannot stat ‘Makefile.conf’: No such file or directory

gmake: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop.

I appreciate any help and advice.





CESM Software Engineer


Thank you, Jim! It's working now.

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