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CESM 1.2 model issue for continue run - previous year cam.ho file not found

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CESM 1.2 model issue for continue run - previous year cam.ho file not found



I completed a run for 21 years which finished at 0021-12-31. I tried submitting another 21 years as continue run with my start date as 0021-01-01.

I got the following error:

(shr_sys_abort) ERROR: GETFIL: FAILED to get
(shr_sys_abort) WARNING: calling shr_mpi_abort() and stopping


On checking my restart filein folder: /ProgCrop_transientATM_SOM/run/ , they show the following dates:

while my archive contains the error file in folder:  /archive/ProgCrop_transientATM_SOM/atm/hist/

The two folders are different as Im archiving my output history files, but that has never caused an error earlier. The model restart files write in every 2 years.


Im not sure why it is showing an error. Please let me know what I am doing wrong and how to rectify it.

Thanks in advance!

Roshni Mathur



I'm getting a similar issue in CESM2. Upon resubmit CAM is looking for the last month of the last year's history file and failing. i.e. if my resubmitted job is to start at year 4 month 1 it is looking for year 3 month 12 whilst initialising. If I manually copy that file to the run directory it runs without a hitch. I'm not sure why it needs this file - and why it's not prestaged - it has the restart file for the current run. If anyone has insight on this I'd be grateful.

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