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CESM 1_2_1 release version number different

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CESM 1_2_1 release version number different


I noticed that that the Revison number of the CESM 1_2_1 release version has changed from 76850 to revision 86724, since my last download. I do not understand why the revision number changed for the release version?

I got the following warning messages besides other couple of warnings when downloading cesm 1_2_1

svn -r 76850 co cesm1_2_1

  svn: warning: W200000: Error handling externals definition for 'cesm1_2_1/models/utils/pio':

  svn: warning: W160013: Unable to connect to a repository at URL ''

And, the PIO folder is missing in cesm1_2_1/models/utils/ in the newly downloading cesm1_2_1.

How can I fix this?

Best Regards,






The release should be up to date.  It has an updated pio external and machines directory. 

CESM Software Engineer

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