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CESM 1.2.2 runs extremely slowly

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CESM 1.2.2 runs extremely slowly

Dear Scientists,

I am trying to simulate aerosol distribution on CESM 1.2.2.

Using the following model configuration:

-res f19_g16 -compset FC5
-phys cam5 -chem trop_strat_mam3 -nlev 56 -offline_dyn

Environmental configuration:

intel-compilers/14.0.2  MPI/Intel/MPICH/2.1.5  pnetcdf/1.6.1/01-icc13

It runs very slowly, with 96 cores (4 nodes) 5 months/day, which is one-thirtieth of the normal speed.

I also tried 10 cores (3months/day), 120 cores (5months/day) ) and 240 cores (5months/day), obviously this is not a normal running speed.

Does anyone know the reason?



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