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CESM 1_3_beta10 hangs on POP_HaloMod.F90

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CESM 1_3_beta10 hangs on POP_HaloMod.F90


I am trying to compile rc01_cesm1_3_beta10 on the UK national academic supercomputing facility, called ARCHER, which is a Cray XC30. I had some initial assistance from Michael Levy to checkout the code and find the appropriate compilation options in the XML files. However, when I try to compile the code on ARCHER using the Cray compiler (version 8.2.6), the compilation hangs compiling POP_HaloMod.F90. I left the compilation running for over two hours the other day, stuck on that one file, but the compiler could not finish building it.

Here is the command that I am using:

ftn -c -I. -I/work/n02/n02/pappas/cesm/initial_run/cray/mpt/nodebug/nothreads/include -I/work/n02/n02/pappas/cesm/initial_run/cray/mpt/nodebug/nothreads/MCT/noesmf/a1l1r1i1o1g1w1/csm_share -I/opt/cray/netcdf/4.3.0/CRAY/81/include -I/opt/cray/mpt/6.3.1/gni/mpich2-cray/81/include -I/work/n02/n02/pappas/cesm/initial_run/ocn/cvmix -I/work/n02/n02/pappas/cesm/initial_run/cray/mpt/nodebug/nothreads/include -I/home2/n02/n02/pappas/src/cesm/rc01_cesm1_3_beta10/models/csm_share/shr -I. -I/work/n02/n02/pappas/cesm/initial_run/ocn/source -I/work/n02/n02/pappas/cesm/initial_run/lib/include -O2 -h byteswapio -f free -N 255 -em -h noomp -DCCSMCOUPLED -DBLCKX=40 -DBLCKY=32 -DMXBLCKS=1 -DNT=3 -DZERO_SEA_ICE_REF_SAL -DZERO_SEA_ICE_REF_SAL -DCNL -DNDEBUG -DMCT_INTERFACE -DHAVE_MPI -DFORTRANUNDERSCORE -DNO_R16 -DLINUX -DCNL -DCPRCRAY -D_USE_FLOW_CONTROL -DHAVE_SLASHPROC /work/n02/n02/pappas/cesm/initial_run/ocn/source/POP_HaloMod.F90

I copied the compiler options and most of the other settings from the default settings for Edison, which I understand is also a Cray XC30. I have run the compile job several times now, cleaning the build before each new submission, but each time it hangs on the same file. I am not building in parallel (using gmake -j1) so it is definitely this file that is causing the problem.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks,

Nicholas Klingaman
Senior Research Fellow
NCAS-Climate, University of Reading, UK


Hi Nicholas,

Support for the cray compiler is a work in progress.      You should use the intel compiler.



CESM Software Engineer

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