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CESM 2.0 beta Porting to Non-NCAR Machine

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CESM 2.0 beta Porting to Non-NCAR Machine


I am trying to run the CESM 2.0 beta version on a non-NCAR machine and I noticed that when I try to build a case, option "-mach userdefined" is invalid as "userdefined" is unspecified in config_machines.xml. 

First, I tried editing the script using code from cesm1-2-2's file of the same name. I am not super familiar with editing .xml files so it was no suprise when this tactic didn't work. The code I used was: 

<machine MACH="userdefined">

        <DESC>User Defined Machine</DESC>                                 <!-- can be anything -->

        <OS>USERDEFINED_required_macros</OS>                              <!-- LINUX,Darwin,CNL,AIX,BGL,BGP -->

        <COMPILERS>intel,ibm,pgi,pathscale,gnu,cray,lahey</COMPILERS>     <!-- intel,ibm,pgi,pathscale,gnu,cray,lahey -->

        <MPILIBS>openmpi,mpich,mpt,mpt,ibm,mpi-serial</MPILIBS>                <!-- openmpi, mpich, ibm, mpi-serial -->

        <CESMSCRATCHROOT>USERDEFINED_required_build</CESMSCRATCHROOT>                     <!-- complete path to the 'scratch' directory -->

        <RUNDIR>USERDEFINED_required_build</RUNDIR>                       <!-- complete path to the run directory -->

        <EXEROOT>USERDEFINED_required_build</EXEROOT>                     <!-- complete path to the build directory -->

        <DIN_LOC_ROOT>USERDEFINED_required_build</DIN_LOC_ROOT>           <!-- complete path to the inputdata directory -->

        <DIN_LOC_ROOT_CLMFORC>USERDEFINED_optional_build</DIN_LOC_ROOT_CLMFORC> <!-- path to the optional forcing data for CLM (for CRUNCEP forcing) -->

        <DOUT_S>FALSE</DOUT_S>                                            <!-- logical for short term archiving -->

        <DOUT_S_ROOT>USERDEFINED_optional_run</DOUT_S_ROOT>               <!-- complete path to a short term archiving directory -->

        <DOUT_L_MSROOT>USERDEFINED_optional_run</DOUT_L_MSROOT>           <!-- complete path to a long term archiving directory -->

        <CCSM_BASELINE>USERDEFINED_optional_run</CCSM_BASELINE>           <!-- where the cesm testing scripts write and read baseline results -->

        <CCSM_CPRNC>USERDEFINED_optional_test</CCSM_CPRNC>                <!-- path to the cprnc tool used to compare netcdf history files in testing -->








So my question is this: is there a better version of this code that would be better integrated into the new config_machines.xml? Is there another file that needs adding/editing? Am I completely off base?


Thanks for any help!


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