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CESM CLM4.5 model

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CESM CLM4.5 model

Good evening,

I’m PhD student and now I’m interesting in hydrology model. Now I start study the CLM4.5 model, and at yours website I found few entires (link below):

Can I ask about differences between each of them? Do you have any description about this experiments? Because I need TWS components, and I’m looking for some technical information which components (snow, soil…) the TWS contain. I found technical note 4.5 but there are not any information about TWS, but only about “water balance”.

I would be very graceful for help.





A description of CLM4, CLM4.5, and CLM5 simulations is here:

Total water storage is the sum of canopy water, snow water, surface water, water in the soil, and water in the rivers.


Thank you for comment. 

Oleson, so all components are simple sum up or did you used some ratio to each of them during summing up? 

How deep has the component "soil moisture" been considered to TWS component?


It's a sum and all soil moisture is considered.

I would look at the code to see how it's done, which can be obtained at:


Thank you a lot.

I would be thankful for details and information of summing all components (e.g. you used different ratio for each components or only for one)  


You said that TWS from CLM is " the sum of canopy water, snow water, surface water, water in the soil, and water in the rivers". So this not contain the groundwater component? 


For CLM4.5, it includes the water in the aquifer.


Ok. I understand. Thank you. 

And return to suming compilation of CLM model. Is it simple sum (canopy water+snow water+surface water+water in the soil+water in the rivers)
or you used some ratio (
=f2*canopy water+f2*snow water+f3*surface water+f4*water in the soil+f5*water in the rivers)?

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