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CESM LGM runs: inconsistency between land fraction and sea ice fraction

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CESM LGM runs: inconsistency between land fraction and sea ice fraction

Hello, I hope you can help.


I am running cesm2.1 on cheyenne with the following compset: 

It is for an LGM case, where we have  produce new mapping and domain files, using the gen_mapping/gen_domain within the cesm2.1 package The error is 255: (seq_domain_check)  inconsistency between land fraction and sea ice fraction 
The create case is: /glade/u/home/mpetrini/LGM_simulations/script_create_cases/create_LGM_J-PDRTM
I understand this is caused by the routine: seq_domain_mct.F90  in CIME src/drivers/mct/main and it is due to a difference between fracl (land fraction) and fraci (ice fraction)
However, the sea ice fraction variable fraci seems to have CAM gridsize rather than POP gridsize; so I wonder how this variable is calculated; my guess was that it was taken from domain files and the n mapped from POP grid to CAM grid.If I change domain files I get the same error.
3) new mapping files /glade/work/mpetrini/LGM_initial/CIME/gen_mapping_files/ 4) new domain files /glade/work/mpetrini/LGM_initial/CIME/gen_domain/
I have attached all the logs:  note there are some additional outputs flag, so I have attached the minor revision made to the seq_domain_mct.F90

This seems like an issue with how the new domain files were produced and there is at least one point that the land thinks is land but the ice/ocean thinks is ice/ocean. Do you have a grid point(s) it's pinpointing in the error files? It may be worth contacting the paleo climate working group ( to ask how they generally verify the grids are generated properly in these types of runs.




Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately the paleo group are busy at the moment.  We followed the default gen_domain code as within the cesm2.1 default code and the suggestions within the paleo toolkit.



I have moved this to the Paleoclimate forum. Hopefully can chime in here.


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