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Auxiliary History Options For CLM Forcing?

Does anyone know what histaux options need to be turned on to generate sufficient DATM%CPLHIST output from the coupled model (B configuration) to force CLM5.0 in I configuration? Setting histaux_a2x3hr to .true. is suggested in CESM1 documentation, but DATM%CPLHIST seems to require ha2x1hi and ha2x1d that I'm not sure would be generated by histaux_a2x3hr


Keith Oleson
CSEG and Liaisons
Staff member
Sorry for the slow response. You've probably figured this out now but the following settings are required:
histaux_a2x3h = .true.
histaux_a2x1hi = .true.
histaux_a2x1h = .true.
histaux_a2x1d = .true.
Note to those who find this thread, the names of these variables have changed in CESM2, so that you use:

histaux_a2x1hri = .true.
histaux_a2x3hr = .true.
histaux_a2x1hr = .true.
histaux_a2x24hr = .true.