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CESM1.1.z - Running IAF compsets (CIAF, DIAF, GIAF) on non-NCAR machines.


Staff member
Affected Releases: CESM1.1.z
The following instructions assume you will be starting from CESM1.1.zBefore you can set up and run your IAF case on a machine other than a NCAR machine, you will need to first download the forcing datasets onto your own disk location, then make modifications to the CESM so that it knows how to locate the data. You will be downloading a lot of data (~85-90 Gbytes), so make sure your disk is large enough to hold all of the data. Also, this disk must be visible from your case's execution directory. Here's how you can do this:
    • Download your own copy of CESM1.1 from the CESM website. The location where you download the code is called your $CCSMROOT directory. In what follows $DIN_LOC_ROOT refers your input data directory root.
    • Create a new directory $DIN_LOC_ROOT/ocn/iaf.
    • Download the interannual data (COREv2) from the GFDL website (http://data1.gfdl.noaa.gov/nomads/forms/mom4/COREv2.html) into $DIN_LOC_ROOT/ocn/iaf. You want to download the "un-Corrected" data. When using the CESM, corrections to the data are made within the data atmosphere, so please be sure to get the uncorrected data. To learn more about this data, see the GFDL website.
    • Bug Fix for CESM1_1 - Modify $CCSMROOT/models/ice/dice/bld/namelist_files/namelist_defaults_dice.xml to have the following change:
from: /glade/proj2/ccsm/ocn/iaf
         to:   $DIN_LOC_ROOT/ocn/iaf
  • Issue the create_newcase command, referencing an IAF compset.