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configuration of 1990 control

I want to know some information about CCSM3.0 1990 control run to keep my experiment consistant with control.

What are the 1. trace gas concentrations, 2. orbital parameters, and 3. solar constant (just to make sure it's 1367 W/m2) of 1990 control?

Oops... Since we want to compare the modern with paleogeography run in the future, T42 is fairly high enough resolution for me.

Thank you!



CSEG and Liaisons
The 1990 control run (T42_gx1v3 is case b30.004) was run with default
settings for the solar constant and trace gases. These defaults are the

solar constant: set to 1367 W/m2

ozone: read from pcmdio3.r8.64x1_L60_clim_c970515.nc

CO2: constant value of 3.550e-4 vmr

CH4: constant value in troposphere of 1.714e-6 vmr

N2O: constant value in troposphere of 0.311e-6 vmr

CFC11: constant value in troposphere of 0.280e-9 vmr

CFC12: constant value in troposphere of 0.503e-9 vmr

The values of CH4, N2O, CFC11, and CFC12 are all modified in the
stratosphere using tracer and latitude dependent scale heights.

The orbital parameters are set by the coupler in a CCSM run. I can see in
the run scripts that the coupler sets the orbit year to 1990. It appears
that the orbital parameters are calculated from that.