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Create domain files for user_specified grid

Yi Yao

Yi Yao
New Member

Recently I was trying to run CESM (only CTSM, more specifically) at 1x1 resolution. I was able to generate the surfdata_map, but I am still confused about the domain files. I checked online, it seems that I need firstly create the SCRIP map files with gen_cesm_maps.sh. However, it requires three SCRID grid files: fatm, focn and flnd. I can generate only one SCRIP file with the tool mkscripgrid.ncl, and I don't know whether it is ocean or land SCRIP file. Could you please explain it to me?
By the way, there is a variable called imask, is it important for me and how can I modify it? Manually?



Erik Kluzek
CSEG and Liaisons
Staff member
The CTSM User's Guide and the README files under the tools directory in a CTSM checkout give you some guidance on this.

The process is a little simplified for the case of a single point that is just running land. You really only need on SRIP grid file as fatm and flnd are identical. The imask should just be set to "1" in this case to indicate that it's a land point. Here's a part of the CTSM UG that gives some help on this.