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Error on reading restart files for TG hybrid run

I'm having issues starting a TG hybrid run from a TG1850 reference case. I've done this successfully in the past, but am now getting an error.

There is an errant line break in the restart file name:

* FATAL ERROR : (glimmer_ncio.F90:349) Error opening file t.e12.TG1850.f09_g16
.004.cism.r.9501-01-01-00000.nc: No such file or directory

I'm not sure where in the scripts this kind of issue might be introduced. I've attached my env_run.xml (where I specify my reference case) and glc_0001.log (where the error appears).

In addition to the line break, I think this is the wrong filename. I'm doing a hybrid run for the 20/21c from a TG1850 reference run with 50 ensemble members. Because the files come from and are going to a run with 50 ensemble members, there are actually 50 of these cism.r files that have names like:


These are pre-staged in the run directory of my hybrid run, but it looks like the model is looking for the wrong filenames.

Where does the restart filename get defined by CESM and how can I get my hybrid case with multiple ensemble members to look for multiple cism restart files?
This issue has been resolved offline. To change the cism.r file the model looks for in these ensemble cases, it can be specified in the user_nl_cism_* files like: cisminputfile = 't.e11.f09_g16.0004_smbens_v2.cism_0001.r.9501-01-01-00000.nc' The line break problem pops up when this filename is defined using double, rather than single, quotes.


Bill Sacks
CSEG and Liaisons
Staff member
I just wanted to clarify that the line break here is irrelevant - that's just an artifact of how fortran outputs long lines. But the underlying problem and solution - namely, the need to use single quotes rather than double quotes - is correct.Thanks, Gail!