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F2000climo "Job deleted as result of dependency on job 8434335.chadmin1.ib0.cheyenne.ucar.edu"


New Member
I'm using the f2000climo to create a case and within my user_nl_clm im including this file name

fsurdat ='$DIN_LOC_ROOT/lnd/clm2/surfdata_map/surfdata_0.9x1.25_hist_16pfts_nourb_CMIP6_simyrPtVg_c181114.nc'
To change the urbanzation to vegitation, but after I use the "./case.submit" command

I get the below problem how do I fix this?

PBS Job Id: 8434337.chadmin1.ib0.cheyenne.ucar.edu
Job Name: st_archive.Nourb_new
Aborted by PBS Server
Job deleted as result of dependency on job 8434335.chadmin1.ib0.cheyenne.ucar.edu


Keith Oleson
CSEG and Liaisons
Staff member
This indicates that the short-term archiver job was aborted, likely because your model run failed. The archiver depends on the successful completion of the model run. Look in your run directory for log files that will tell you why the model run itself failed.