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Help me diagnose my 'parent type' error


Spencer Jones
New Member
This is a development problem, but I think it is probably quite basic, which is why I am asking here. I'm trying to get the drifters code (written my LuYu Sun and Matt Harrison) to compile with a modern version of MOM6 on one of the TAMU clusters. I can compile MOM6 itself on the cluster, but it's just stringing that together with the new code that I'm struggling with.

I'm basically using the recipe from https://github.com/lysun0725/MOM6-drifter-example/blob/1c91e7dc62c03d217c5695d2058ceb6eb2f9849e/Makefile-dt2-intel where I do an updated version of their compile_libs (which goes fine), and then I run

rm -f path_names
../../src/mkmf/bin/list_paths ../../src/drifters/{particle_driver.F90,particles.F90,particles_framework.F90,particles_io.F90}
../../src/mkmf/bin/mkmf -t linux-intel.mk -o '-I../../src/FMS/include -I../../src/MOM6/src/framework -I../../src/MOM6/config_src/dynamic -I../MOM6.repro -I../shared.repro' -l '-L../MOM6.repro -lMOM6 -L../shared.repro -lfms' -p drifters -c "-Duse_libMPI -Duse_netCDF -DSPMD " path_names
make NETCDF=4 TEST=1 drifters -j

Which gives me an error

../../src/drifters/particle_driver.F90(129): error #6292: The parent type of this field is use associated with the PRIVATE fields attribute. [GV]
call verticalGridInit( PF, CS%GV )
../../src/drifters/particle_driver.F90(129): error #6631: A non-optional actual argument must be present when invoking a procedure with an explicit interface. [US]
call verticalGridInit( PF, CS%GV )
../../src/drifters/particle_driver.F90(132): error #6292: The parent type of this field is use associated with the PRIVATE fields attribute. [OBC]
call MOM_initialize_fixed(dG,CS%OBC,PF,.false.,dirs%output_directory)

I don't know how to go about diagnosing what is wrong: maybe I am not compiling/linking some important code? Or maybe MOM6 has changed a lot since the drifters code was written. I am coming from MITgcm, and I'm not really familiar with public/private fields. Any pointers on how to make progress would be helpful.
MOM6 has changed. You can search it for verticalGridInit and find it in core/MOM_verticalGrid.F90. It now has a third argument which you must include when calling this routine. There is a new dimensional scaling check feature and the third argument is in support of that. See Marshall's talk from the 2020 tutorials. I bet Matt Harrison would know how to include that now. You'd need the line:

use MOM_unit_scaling, only : unit_scale_type

plus propagating it consistently down to the call to verticalGridInit.