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how to change the ice layers (NOT ice categories)

The CSIM default ice layers is 4 for each category. I have tried to change it through the ice size file: ice_model_size.F.100x116x5. After I changed the "nilyr" from 4 to 12 or other values, the model can not run successfully. And, it does not give me any error message.

Does anybody know hoe to change it? Thanks.



CSEG and Liaisons
Staff member
This should be in the Sea Ice Modeling with CSIM forum, not in the POP form. The number of vertical layers, nilyr, in CSIM is hard coded in the module, ice_model_size.F. You can change it here and add it to SourceMods/src.csim in your case directory. Make sure your initial condition file is set up with the correct number of vertical layers, or use default initialization with restart = .false., or no ice initialization with no_ice_ic = .true.