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How to convert emissions (molec/cm2/s) to particles num emissions?

Hi all

I am writing because I have a doubt about the units in the emissions files.

For example in MAM4 or MAM7 there are emissions for so4_a1 which are called num_so4_a1 it's the particle number emissions. According to some files from the SVN (for CMIP6) says that Emissions of number of particles is obtained scaled the emissions by 6.02e26 (which is Avog. num * 1000 (g/kg)).

However my question is if I have the emissions of so4_a1 in molecules/cm2/s1 if I multiply for this number I get a valor very high... is not according to the values observed in the emissions files called num_so4_a1

So how can I get the number of particles from my emissions files in molec/cm2/s1?

I'm stuck with this issue, I really appreciate any help