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how to obtain the indices of natural PFTs of each grid of surface data?


Dear scientists,
I attempt to look for the index of PFT of each grid from surface data, but I only find the "natpft" with the long name "indices of natural PFTs". It is just a one-dimensional vector of size 15 instead of gridcell.


Keith Oleson
CSEG and Liaisons
Staff member
There should be a variable called "PCT_NAT_PFT" on the primary (h0) CLM history file:

float PCT_NAT_PFT(time, natpft, lat, lon) ;
PCT_NAT_PFT:long_name = "% of each PFT on the natural vegetation (i.e., soil) landunit" ;
PCT_NAT_PFT:units = "%" ;
PCT_NAT_PFT:cell_methods = "time: mean" ;
PCT_NAT_PFT:_FillValue = 1.e+36f ;
PCT_NAT_PFT:missing_value = 1.e+36f ;
PCT_NAT_PFT:landunit_mask = "unknown" ;