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How to properly turn on AOA tracers?


New Member
I am trying to perform a simple Held-Suarez configuration in CAM, with AOA tracers active.

I first spun up the model with a period of 1.5 years without including -age_of_air_trcs to CAM_CONFIG_OPTS

I am then trying to do a longer run using this spun up state as the initial condition. For this second run, I turn on -age_of_air_trcs. The model crashed immediately. The aoa_read_from_ic_file namelist setting is very cryptic in its documentation. Is this required, or not?

If it is, I assume that the problem is that the initial condition file written out from the spinup run does not include any AOA fields? Do I need to include them via fincl, or similar? If so, I am not even sure what the necessary fields are; I see some in the docs for CESM1.2, but not in the docs for CESM2

Or do I need to turn on -age_of_air_trcs in the spinup run? If so, would I run into the same issue again? Or, in this case, since I am running from analytic IC's, would it be okay to set aoa_read_from_ic_file=False?

Thanks so much