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Icepack's Initial State/Initial Conditions


Simon Driscoll
New Member
When a (standalone) Icepack is run, it relies on forcing files. What is it's initial state? I assume this is the same (e.g. a standard 'restart dump' as it were is used) to initiate each run irrespective of location or forcing, and then it settles quickly to the forcing. Is this correct? And if so what is this initial state? Thank you!


CSEG and Liaisons
Staff member
The initial state in Icepack standalone is set in the set_state_var subroutine in icedrv_init.F90. There are four points simulated:

! For Icepack testing, the grid vector is populated with several
! different ice distributions, including ice-free, a single-
! thickness slab, a full thickness distribution (as in CICE),
! and land