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Initial Condition file for WACCM to run an Eocene simualtion

Hi all,

I'm trying to run an Eocene simulation using CESM1.2.2 with WACCM and CAM4.
I created a case using F1850W compset (create_newcase -case ~/test_EOCENE_W4 -compset F1850W -res f19_f19 -mach gadi).
Then changed the atmosphere, land, ocean, ice domain paths and the related files using xmlchange. I got these domain files and the cam, clm and rtm BCs from Jiang Zhu following his article: Simulation of Eocene extreme warmth and high climate sensitivity through cloud feedbacks (Europe PMC).

But the Initial Condition (IC) file I got from Jiang is for CAM with 30 vertical levels and it doesn't have all the IC variables WACCM uses. With the default WACCM IC file for the PI case the model crashes immediately.
So, I overwrote the default WACCM PS variable (in the IC file) with PS_Eocene IC, made all sea ice related variables zero (sea ice thickness, sea ice temp etc) in addition to the following changes:
atm_ncpl = 144
nsplit = 512
nspltvrm = 256
nspltrac = 256
After these changes the model runs for 5 days. But it becomes unstable and crashes again when I submit for a longer time.

I'm not sure if the ICs I'm using (with PI topography) cause all the issues. But when I changed the IC variables, the model started running for 5 days.
Is there any way I can get the IC file for WACCM with Eocene topography?

Please let me know,
Thank you for your time,