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Issues with custom prescribed SST forcing file in cesm1.2.2 F_2000_CAM5

I created a custom SST forcing file by adding SST anomaly for 1965-1995 period to the standard "sst_HadOIBl_bc_0.9x1.25_1850_2012_c130411.nc" used in the F compsets . Somehow, when I try to run a brach case using restarts from a previous simulation (run with the standard SST forcing) and my custom SST forcing file, starting from 1960, the model calculates the wrong first record number and starts from 1964 instead of 1960. It also doesn't find the time axis in the custom SST file and all I did was to change the SST_cpl variable in the original file so it should be the same time axis, I also kept the original filename. Below are some debugging prints which show the correct model dates (19600101) but wrong time record numbers 1368 instead of 1320. I colored in red the relevant information:

(docn_comp_init) restart filenames from rpointer

(docn_comp_init) reading f.e122.F20C5TR.f09_g16.docn.rs1.1960-01-01-00000.bin

(shr_stream_restRead) case name : f.e122.F20C5TR.f09_g16

(shr_stream_restRead) case description : SDOCN strdata

(shr_stream_restRead) File created : 2019-09-22 16:41:23

(shr_stream_restRead) Number of streams 1

(shr_stream_restRead) WARNING, skip time axis for stream restart filename 1 1 sst_HadOIBl_bc_1x1_1850_2012_c130411.nc sst_HadOIBl_bc_0.9x1.25_1850_2012_c130411.nc

(shr_stream_restRead) * stream 1 first file name = sst_HadOIBl_bc_0.9x1.25_1850_2012_c130411.nc

(shr_stream_restRead) * stream 1 first have data = F

(shr_stream_restRead) * stream 1 first nt = 0


DateM 19600101.0000000

DateLB -1.00001157407407

DateUB -1.00001157407407


mDateLB 19591216

mSecLB 43200

mDateUB 19600116

mSecUB 43200

n_lb 1368

n_ub 1369

(shr_dmodel_readLBUB) reading file: /oasis/projects/nsf/ddp351/divanova/cesm1_2_2/inputdata//atm/cam/sst/custom/sst_HadOIBl_bc_0.9x1.25_1850_2012_c130411.nc 1368

(shr_dmodel_readLBUB) reading file: /oasis/projects/nsf/ddp351/divanova/cesm1_2_2/inputdata//atm/cam/sst/custom/sst_HadOIBl_bc_0.9x1.25_1850_2012_c130411.nc 1369

(docn_comp_run) ocn: model date 19600101 0s

(docn_comp_init) docn_comp_init done

It looks like a bug in the time management/streams codes?
Are there publicly available tools for creating custom SST forcing files for the Data Ocean models?