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minor issue; Tsfcn values over land in 'default' vs. restart runs


I'm looking into taking the ensemble average of a set of restart files
for data assimilation purposes. I found that the cice restart file
contains Tsfcn = -1.836 over land points when the run is started
from 'default' conditions ( so that Tsfc is set in
but Tsfcn = 0. when the run is started from a restart file (so that Tsfc is set in

I'm guessing and hoping that Tsfcn over land is never used,
so if anyone knows differently, I'd appreciate hearing it.

Kevin Raeder


CSEG and Liaisons
Staff member
These are never used. The ice sends only the surface temperature values over ice to the coupler and these are merged with the ocean and land values before going to the atmosphere.