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Missing input data for 0.47x0.63 run

Hi CESM community--
I am using CESM2.1.0 for a 0.47x0.63 run (f05_f05_mg17) using the compset F2000climo. Creating the case indicates mapping files for lnd2glc and glc2lnd are missing, as follows:
File not found: lnd2glc_fmapname = "cpl/gridmaps/fv0.47x0.63/map_fv0.47x0.63_TO_gland4km_aave.171105.nc"
File not found: lnd2glc_smapname = "cpl/gridmaps/fv0.47x0.63/map_fv0.47x0.63_TO_gland4km_blin.171105.nc"
File not found: glc2lnd_fmapname = "cpl/gridmaps/gland4km/map_gland4km_TO_fv0.47x0.63_aave.171105.nc"
File not found: glc2lnd_smapname = "cpl/gridmaps/gland4km/map_gland4km_TO_fv0.47x0.63_aave.171105.nc"
So I could not run the simulation. I tried to go to the directory (/glade/p/cesmdata/cseg/inputdata/cpl/gridmaps/fv0.47x0000.63) and saw there were no required datasets.
I thought this is was due to the use of gland4km for the glc, but creating another case resolutions like gx1v7 (f05_g17) gave the same error.
I googled and did not find where I could download the datasets. Where can I get these required datasets for a 0.47x0.63 run?
Thank you,