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Possible mismatch detected between time specified in file name and file variables, setting array to missing


New Member
Hi,  I'm trying to run CVDP with multiple model data, but not having much luck.Here's my namelist:T85TrCb| /lustre/atlas1/cli115/proj-shared/jdigjudy/CVDP/T85TrC/T85TrCb/ | 1975 | 2005T85TrCc| /lustre/atlas1/cli115/proj-shared/jdigjudy/CVDP/T85TrC/T85TrCc/ | 1975 | 2005T85TrCa| /lustre/atlas1/cli115/proj-shared/jdigjudy/CVDP/T85TrC/T85TrCa/ | 1975 | 2005 The data files are all in those respective directories.  Here's what one of them look like (they are all same format):  T85TrCa.PRECT_197501_200512.nc   The namelist_byvar files don't show any "missing" files. What am I missing?  


Adam Phillips
CVCWG Liaison
Staff member
Hi Judy,The CVDP uses the file names to decipher what times are present in the file. (It does not look for any kind of time variable in the file.) If your file name ends with "197501_200512.nc" the CVDP believes the monthly data runs from January 1975 through December 2005, and it checks that there are 372 time steps present. If there is not, you will get the type of error message that you are reporting. I would look at your files and make sure there are 372 time steps present. If there are say 371 timesteps present and the file only runs through November 2005, you can rename the file to end with "197501-200511.nc" or you can add a month (with missing data or not) onto the end of the file. If you choose the former you will need to tell the CVDP to end the analysis period in 2004 as the CVDP cannot be run on incomplete years.If the above advice does not fix the issue let me know.Adam 


New Member
Thanks, Adam,  Actually the files were OK - I had mistakenly been trying to run it on titan instead of rhea!Appreciate the help.  Judy