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Rerun BHIST CESM2 with less output failed


I want to rerun year 1900 of a BHIST CESM2 simulation (case.build --clean; case.build). The original run had several streams defined in user_nl_cam with fincl2, fincl3, fincl4 , etc. In order to save disk space we have deleted the no longer used cam.h3, cam.h4, etc. files. In user_nl_cam I now only define stream fincl2, fincl3 and no longer fincl4, etc. However the simulation crashes with

GETFIL: FAILED to get b.e212.BHISTcmip6.f09_g17.0400.cam.h3.1900-01-01-00000.nc

I guess cesm still looks for the cam.h3, etc. files, because the filenames are listed in b.e212.BHISTcmip6.f09_g17.0400.cam.r.1900-01-01-00000.nc? Is this correct? How can I avoid this?

Thank you for your help!


Cecile Hannay
AMWG Liaison
Staff member
Hi Urs,

You cannot modify the cam output in the middle of a run. You cannot resubmit a run (CONTINUE_RUN=TRUE) if you modify the fincl in user_nal_cam.
What you need to do is to do a branch run. You can keep the same name as the initial run and but you can change the output in your branch run.

Some information about branch run can be found at:

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