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saturation vapor pressure at leaf temperature (ei)


Nicholas Herold
Hi, can I please confirm that the saturation vapor pressure at leaf temperature (ei in the CLM5 technote - see section 9.6) is esat_tv in the CLM code? (e.g. when looking at the PhotoSynthesis module).
I thought this was the case until I saw how hs (relative humidity at leaf surface) is calculated in the code:
hs = (gb_mol(p)*ceair + gs_mol(p,iv)*esat_tv(p)) / ((gb_mol(p)+gs_mol(p,iv))*esat_tv(p))
Whereas in the CLM4.5 tech note hs = es/ei (section 8.1), so I'm wondering how these two denominators relate.

On the other hand I see in the CLM5 technote that D = (ei-ea)/1000 and here ei corresponds to esat_tv in the source code (with the addition of a minimum value for the numerator):
rh_can = max((esat_tv(p) - ceair), 50._r8) * 0.001_r8


Keith Oleson
CSEG and Liaisons
Staff member
Yes, ei is saturation vapor pressure at leaf temperature. esat_tv is passed into Photosynthesis through the variable svpts in the call to Photosynthesis in CanopyFluxes. svpts in turn is equal to el, which is solved for in QSat.


Keith Oleson
CSEG and Liaisons
Staff member
I was just describing the names in the subroutine arguments, but yes esat_tv in the code is equal to ei in the Tech Note:
In CanopyFluxes:

call QSat (t_veg(p), forc_pbot(c), el(p), deldT, qsatl(p), qsatldT(p))

svpts(p) = el(p)

call Photosynthesis (bounds, fn, filterp, &

and then in Photosynthesis:

subroutine Photosynthesis ( bounds, fn, filterp, &