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slflx_cg_PBL seems empty; possible to output counter-gradient flux?


New Member
I am analyzing terms that contribute to the vertical mixing temperature tendency DTV in CESM1-CAM5, and in particular would like to get a measure for the counter-gradient flux of heat / non-local transport. slflx_cg is defined as kvh * cgh, the eddy diffusivity of heat times the counter-gradient term for heat, in the physics source code (vertical_diffusion.F90, line 1109), but the history field slflx_cg_PBL seems to be zero everywhere. So I have two questions:
  • Why is the history field slflx_cg_PBL empty?
  • Is there a way to output or calculate for myself the counter-gradient flux for heat, which is cgh in the source code?


Cheryl Craig
CSEG and Liaisons
Staff member
Unfortunately, CESM1 is no longer a supported version. I did a search for "sflx_cg_PBL" in the current CAM code and there is no variable with that name.

That said, you can try figuring this out for yourself. In the outfld call for "sflx_cg_PBL", there is a variable that is being written out. You can try doing a Fortran write of that variable to see what the values are.

As for writing out the values for cgh, you can add an appropriate addfld and outfld call for this variable. Note that you then either need to do add an "add_default" or use a fincl to get the variable to actually be written out.