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Turn off urbanzation cells in F2000climo


New Member
Hello I'm using the cheyenne supercomputer with cesm. And I've already ran one simulation for 2 years using the F2000climo command. But now I want to do another simulation, but turn off the urban cells and see this changes things. Thank You


Erik Kluzek
CSEG and Liaisons
Staff member
You need to make a new surface dataset for your case where urban is set to zero. The utility to create surface datasets has the ability to do this. Look at the CLM User's Guide about creating surface datasets. We also have a potential vegetation surface dataset that you could use, but it has other changes as well. It's here under inputdata...


I'd compare it the surface dataset you used and make sure the changes are reasonable for what you want to do. Since, removing urban isn't the only thing that was done, it might not be suitable for your purposes.


New Member
I've been looking and I'm just a little confused on where to input that command "$DIN_LOC_ROOT/lnd/clm2/surfdata_map/surfdata_0.9x1.25_hist_16pfts_nourb_CMIP6_simyrPtVg_c181114.nc"

Should this command be within the directory. or do I need to do like a ./xmlchange command?

Thank you

Below I have attached the run of my first F2000climo test which ran perfectly. Should I run the command you gave me from this directory?


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