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Where could I find the land surface elevation/topographic height data ?

Xueli Huo


I don't know where the land surface elevation data is stored. I find the mean elevation on glacier elevation classes (TOPO_GLC_MEC) in the surfdata. However, there is no land surface elevation data included in the surfdata. I also noticed one variable TOPO_COL which is column-level topographic height can be output into the history file. I am wondering

1. whether this variable is the land surface elevation ?
2. if I set the hist_dov2xy = .true. for TOPO_COL, the output gridcell averaged TOPO_COL means mean elevation for the gridcell ?



Keith Oleson
CSEG and Liaisons
Staff member
The gridcell elevation is provided by the topography file specified in datm.streams.txt.topo.observed.