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CESM1-CAM5 6-hourly output

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CESM1-CAM5 6-hourly output


I am working on regional climate modelling for southeast Australian.  I have done literature review on CMIP5 GCM evaluations for Australia and surrounding areas. Some GCMs are excluded due to bad performance for this region, then I did GCM independence analysis, and calculated future changes in precipitation and temperature. All of these are used for selecting best/most independent GCMs. The CESM1-CAM5 is one of  three GCMs I have selected for dynamical downscaling.



I am looking for the 6-hourly surface and upper level variables (U, V, RH, Geopotential, temperature, soil etc) to drive regional climate model (WRF). For the CESM1-CAM5, I can only find daily and monthly variables such as tasmax, tasmin and pr. Could you please let me know where I can find and download 6 hourly data? Our simulations will run from 1950 to 2100, driven by RCP 8.5 GCM outputs.




Kind Regards,





Unfortunately, we do not have 6-hourly data from the simulations with CESM1-CAM5 that we did for CMIP5.

The only runs we have with 6-hourly output suitable for driving an RCM are from CCSM4, CAM4.

These data are avaiable from the NCAR CISL Research Data Archive (RDA) at


(bias corrected)

If you really need CESM1-CAM5, the Large Ensemble (LENS) project provides 6-hourly data from RCP8.5 for selected periods - 2026 to 2035 and 2071 to 2080.

Please see



CESM1-CAM5 projects wetter and much warmer future for Southeast Australia. This is the reason we would like to use it in our project.  I will have a discussion with our project manager to decide whether we use CESM1-CAM5 for selected periods or CCSM4/CAM4 instead.

I am really appreciated for your kind help!   



I am trying to work on a similar issue, it is possible to find somewhere the namelist for CESM output so that it can be used as input by WRF?

I guess one should be available somewhere sine there are the data for WRF.


p.s. I need to re-run CESM since I'm looking at static yearly forcing with the FC5 suite.

I appreciate any help you can give me!


Here's an example namelist from the Large Ensemble:



































Very cool article
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