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CESM1.1.1 - COSP build fails with CESM 1.1.1

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CESM1.1.1 - COSP build fails with CESM 1.1.1

Affected Releases - CESM1.1.1

Fixed in CESM1.1.2 and CESM1.2.z

(Bugzilla 1751) This is due to mkDepends not being able to find modules with a name different
from the file name (in this case, mod_cosp in cosp.F90). This didn't affect
testing with standalone CAM, because that was before I merged CAM's mkDepends
into the CESM version, and CAM's mkDepends was a little smarter at that time.

I believe that the changes in Machines_130304 and Machines_130304b fixed this,
so maybe backporting those will serve to fix this for CESM 1.1.2.

For now, the workaround I'm recommending is for users to simply copy the CAM
version of mkDepends ($CCSMROOT/models/atm/cam/bld/mkDepends) into either the
Machines directory ($CCSMROOT/scripts/ccsm_utils/Machines) or into the Tools
directory of all COSP cases.

Alice Bertini
Software Engineer

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