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CESM1.1.1 regional runs

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CESM1.1.1 regional runs


I hope this is in the right section. I'm posting because I could use advice on the setup of a CESM regional run. I am attempting to run CESM1.1.1 over a specific region. I plan to use the output of a global run (compset F_2000, f19_g16 resolution) as boundary conditions for this regional run (likely C_NORMAL_YEAR, f02_f02 resolution).

My first question is here - will there be issues using the outputs of my global run as boundary conditions for the regional run if the global ocean run was on a displaced pole grid, while I plan to run the regional ocean on a finite volume grid?

My second question is more general - I am not sure how exactly to set up a regional run of CESM. I have found some documentation for performing regional runs of CLM, but not much for running the whole model this way. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Perhaps I have missed some of the documentation on carrying out these runs. If it is helpful, I am interested in isolating ocean currents in this region, so perhaps a regional run solely of POP2 could be carried out.

Thanks all!

Marisa Borreggine
Harvard University

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