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CESM2_0:CAM-Chem hanging in mpialltoallint

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CESM2_0:CAM-Chem hanging in mpialltoallint

Benjamin Gaubert and I are trying to build a CAM-Chem
version from the released CESM2_0
I'm building a 1 degree model using compset
and giving it 6 nodes per instance in a 2 instance forecast.

A similar problem happens in single instance forecasts with 1, 2, or 3 nodes.

CAM stops progressing, although when I logged onto
the compute nodes, 'top' reports that all the CPUs were very busy.

I put in debug prints and narrowed the problem down to
call mpialltoallint(rdispls, 1, pdispls, 1, mpicom)
# if defined(MODCM_DP_TRANSPOSE)

I wouldn't be productive for me to try to pursue it any deeper,
so I'm hoping that someone else recognizes a mistake we're
making, or has ideas for things to change.

Jim Edwards suggested that this is a CAM problem,

rather than CIME, but there is an open CIME issue about it (2808).

Kevin and Benjamin


A test without chemistry succeeds.


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