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chem_inparm surface values

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chem_inparm surface values

We are using the 1850 compset but then adding 20th Century forcing to it (similar to the single forcing runs). The 1850 out of the box lists constant values for ch4vmr, co2vmr, f11vmr, f12vmr, and n2ovmr. If we then add a time variant forcing file to the namelist (for example, using bndtvghg), will the constant value be ignored? Also, are the time variant files for the above named variables set using rad_climate in the rad_cnst_nl?

One more question...If the 20th Century out of the box has time variant CO2, why does it also specify co2vmr = 379.000e-6. Is the constant value ignored here too or is it used in a different way from the time variant file?



Hi Susan,
This is correct. The model will read the value from bndtvghg and the constant value will be ignored.
As far as I know, the co2vmr = 379.000e-6 is ignored in a 20th century run and is not used for anything else.


Thanks Cecile!


The rad_climate variable is used to specify which constituents are to be used in the radiation heating rate and flux calculations that affect the climate simulation.  It's possible to have multiple versions of say CO2 available in a given model run, e.g., both prescribed and prognostic, and rad_climate allows the user to specify which version is to be used.  How the prescribed and prognostic distributions of CO2 are set is completely independent of the rad_climate setting.



Thanks Brian!

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