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chemistry package in CAM4 and CAM5

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chemistry package in CAM4 and CAM5



I am learning to run CAM-chem using CESM1_2_0.  I have just read Tilmes's 2015 GMD paper about CAM-chem evaluation, but there are some questions I am still confused. 

1)  When I ran CAM4 simulation, I found there are many chemistry packages in the CAM configuration, such as trop_mozart 、trop_bam. What 's the difference between trop_mozart and trop_bam chemistry package ?

2)  which chemistry packages are used in CAM4-chem and CAM5-chem experiments in Tilmes's 2015 GMD paper.

Could someone give me some suggestions about this ? Thanks a lot!



Hi Liurj,

thanks for the interested in using CAM-chem. Please visit this link and you can find a "roadmap" for CESM120 CAMchem:

please also note the known bugs that are relevant for chemistry:

Further, as listed in the paper, we added additional changes, that are not included in the release version.

To answer your question, for the paper, we used the trop-strat mozart mechanism. trop-bam does only include aerosols in the chemical mechansim.





Hi, Simone

Thank you very much for your information .

Best Wishes !


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